High school students and teachers from five countries in Asia and Oceania visit Tama Campus for the Sakura Science Exchange Program 2022

On December 15, 2022, 17 high school students from five Asian and Oceania countries (Taiwan, Malaysia, Mongolia, Bangladesh, and Papua New Guinea) and 10 teachers visited Tama Campus as part of the High School Program of the international youth science program (Sakura Science Exchange Program) of the Japan Science and Technology Agency (JST).

In the past, Chuo University has accepted high school and university students from overseas invited for this project, mainly by the Faculty of Science and Engineering, and has conducted university and class tours and programs. This time, the students gathered on the Tama Campus for orientation and a university introduction, a campus tour, a calligraphy experience, and other activities. Supporting the program, Faculty of Global Management students introduced the university and gave a campus tour, while students from the Calligraphy Club and G Square staff students coordinated the calligraphy event, interacting with high school students and teachers from various countries.

See the GO GLOBAL site report for details.
https://globalization.chuo-u.ac.jp/report/action/2023/01/15210/ (Japanese only)