Statement on the Russian Invasion of Ukraine

The invasion of Ukraine by the Russian government that began in February 2022, has been resulting in the loss of thousands of lives and the violation of the fundamental human right to live in peace. Chuo University, respectfully acknowledging the efforts of the international community to end this tragedy, is determined to continue to fulfill its responsibilities as an educational corporation and an institution of research and higher education.
Learning is the foundation of human welfare, peace, and human rights, and it is the primary responsibility of higher education and research institutions to protect these values. Therefore, Chuo University has stipulated in its University Regulations that one of its missions is “to contribute to the welfare of humankind.” Furthermore, the Chuo University Diversity Declaration states that the University “acknowledges the importance of offering equal learning opportunities … to all.” In pursuing these commitments, Chuo University has welcomed numerous students, researchers, and professors from countries and regions all over the world.
Chuo University, while sincerely hoping for an immediate resolution to this tragedy, expresses its commitment to ensuring that all students, researchers, and professors from Ukraine and Russia can continue their education and research with peace of mind. Moreover, the University reiterates its opposition to all forms of hate and discrimination based on place of origin, including Russia, on and off campus.


Masahiko OMURA
Representative Director of the Educational Corporation Chuo University

Hisashi KAWAI
President of Chuo University