Research paper of Prof. Jaewoo Park’s team published in Journal of Product & Brand Management

A research paper entitled “The effect of perceived scarcity on strengthening the attitude-behavior relation for sustainable luxury products” authored by Prof. Jaewoo Park and others have been published in Journal of Product & Brand Management (Q1 journal in marketing).

This study aimed to examine whether, and how, perceived product scarcity strengthens the attitude–behavior relation in the case of sustainable luxury products. Across three studies, we found that consumers’ perceived scarcity for sustainable luxury products positively moderated the relationship between product attitudes and their WTP for the products. The moderating effect of perceived scarcity was significant for consumers regardless of their tendency toward socially responsible consumption and their preference for product innovativeness. Meanwhile, the scarcity effect was influenced by the consumers’ attitude toward the brand of sustainable products.

The paper can be found on emerald insight.