【To all students】Policy on Examinations and Grading for Fall Semester 2021

November 1, 2021


To all students



Policy on Examinations and Grading for Fall Semester 2021



Chuo University



We have established the policy on examinations and evaluation methods for the second semester (Fall Semester) 2021 as follows.



・Examinations and Evaluation Methods for Fall Semester 2021



(1)The policy on conducting classes for Fall Semester 2021 is the same as Spring Semester. Therefore, as a basic policy, examinations will be conducted online.


However, if it is judged that an in-class examination is the most appropriate method for evaluating the outcomes of the course, such an examination may be held at the discretion of the Dean of the Faculty, after taking sufficient preventive measures against COVID-19. For students who cannot take an examination for objective reasons concerning COVID-19, such as health or their place of residence, measures will be taken to ensure no advantages occur. In such a case, please contact your Faculty office. 


(2)The specific method of evaluation, by online examinations or in-class examinations, will be announced on December 1, so please check announcements from your Faculty office on C plus, etc. 


(3)The examination period will be as specified in the academic calendar.


For details on whether an examination will be conducted or the precise submission period for reports, please refer to announcements from your Faculty office on C plus, etc. 


(4)If your Faculty does not follow the policies (1) (2) and (3) set out above, you will be notified by your Faculty office. Please check all announcements on C Plus, etc. 


(5)Regarding the evaluation methods currently set out in each syllabus, we will inform you of any changes and ensure that students are not disadvantaged. Please pay attention to notifications on manaba, C plus, etc. 


(6)For grading evaluation, we will work hard to secure trust in awarding credits for graduation. Also, in consideration of the impact on GPA calculations and courses being taken in other faculties, we will keep the five-level grade evaluation method as a university-wide policy. 


(7)COVID-19 vaccinations are voluntary and are not compulsory at Chuo, but if you make a reservation for a vaccination, please adjust the time as much as possible so as not to overlap with the examination period.