Prof. Kudo of Faculty of Law receives Best Paper Award at 2021 Annual Conference of Asian Society of Public Administration

Professor Hiroko Kudo of the Faculty of Law received the Akira Nakamura Award (Best Paper Award) at the 2021 Annual Conference of The Asian Association for Public Administration (AAPA) held from October 7 through 8, 2021.

Below are the details of the award-winning research.

Title: COVID-19 Outbreak as Digital Laboratory and Citizens' Co-production: Considering accountability and trust

Among the contact apps that have been used in various countries as a countermeasure against COVID-19, Prof. Kudo presented the results of an analysis of contact confirmation apps in South Korea, Taiwan, and Japan, focusing on the relationship between the potential for these digital technologies to serve the public interest and the protection of personal information. The results were analyzed from the perspectives of privacy and personal information protection, legal basis for data use and its background, government accountability and trust, and civil society participation and collaboration.