【Important】Guidelines for Chuo University Students Regarding the Spread of Coronavirus(Update 16 / March 20)









  1. 授業の受講に伴う入構
  2. 研究活動に伴う入構
  3. 大学主催の行事、各種講座、説明会、セミナー、ガイダンスへの参加に伴う入構
  4. 図書館、キャリアセンター、炎の塔等の施設の利用
  5. 所定の手続をした各種課外活動



  1. 3密(密閉・密集・密接)の回避→可能な範囲で3密な環境での滞在を防ぐ。
  2. マスクの着用→マスクの着用は個人の判断に委ねることが基本となりますが、感染防止対策として効果的な場合として、3密回避ができない場合の発話時はマスク着用を推奨します。

  3. 手洗い→学内各所にある消毒石けん水設置の洗面所で丁寧に手洗いをする。
  4. 健康観察の継続→自分の健康状態に注意を払い、体調不良時は体温測定や、必要により国の承認を受けた抗原検査キットを用いたチェックを行う。なお、異常を認めた際は、「各キャンパスへの入構の可否の基準について」に沿った対応を行う。
  5. 生活圏、行動範囲の感染者情報に注意を払う。


 中央大学公式Webサイト、C plus、manaba等を通じて行います。定期的に確認するよう努めてください。



March 20, 2023

Guidelines for Chuo University Students Regarding the Spread of Coronavirus
(Update 16 / March 20)

Chuo University

To prevent the spread of the Coronavirus infection, Chuo University previously published Guidelines for Chuo University Students Regarding the Spread of Coronavirus (Update 15 / September 12), which includes restricting entry to the campuses, the use of facilities, and students’ extracurricular activities. In view of the impact of infection on social life, we have revised the content of the Guidelines from April 1, 2023, onward as follows.

In view of the present social conditions, the University will continue to restrict entry to the campuses, the use of facilities, and students’ extracurricular activities for the time being, with the exception of the following activities:

Entry to the campuses is permitted for the following activities:

1. Face-to-face classes
2. Research activities
3. University-hosted events, courses, briefings, seminars, and guidance sessions
4. Use of the library, the Career Center, the Honoo-no-Tou Research Building, and other facilities
5. Extracurricular activities that have completed the designated procedures

〇 Precautions for entering campuses

Please observe the following rules when you enter the campuses. If you feel unwell, do not come to the campuses.

  1. Avoid the 3Cs (closed spaces, crowded places, close contact) → Avoid spending time in the 3Cs as much as possible.
  2. Wear a mask → Wearing a mask is basically left to the discretion of each person; however, as an effective measure to prevent the spread of infection, during conversations when the 3Cs are unavoidable, we recommend you wear a mask.
    ※However, wearing a mask is not necessary if the following conditions are met:
    ▪ in a gym class or activities involving physical exercise (Unless faculty members or instructors ask you to wear a mask. In which case, do so. However, we recommend you wear a mask in changing rooms as it is likely to become a 3C situation.)
    ▪ when temperatures and humidity are high, and wearing masks may affect one’s physical condition.
  3. Handwashing → Wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water regularly throughout the day.
  4. Continued health monitoring → Pay attention to your health condition, take your body temperature when you feel unwell, and use an antigen test kit approved by the government as necessary. If you have symptoms, the Rules for Permission of Entry to the Campus should be followed.
  5. Pay attention to information on confirmed cases in your living and activity area.

○ Notifications from Chuo University

Notifications and reminders from Chuo University will be made on the University website, C-plus, manaba, and other media. Please check them regularly.