COVID-19 | Temporary Free e-Resources Access Available (incl. off-campus access, concurrent access and research into COVID-19)

Many publishers are offering some or all of their e-resources freely for a period of time to support institutions and students during the campus closures period. 

※To be updated occasionally 

 [Last update:April 1, 2022] Maruzen eBook Library: Service has been extended till March 31, 2023.

 [Last update:April 1, 2022] Taylor & Francis ebooks: Service has been started till September 30, 2022.

 [Last update:May 10, 2022] JSTOR: Service has been extended till June 30, 2023.


■Off-Campus Access

For most of the resources listed on the databases, you will be prompted to log in via Chuo University Network in order to access the contents.
Please see below for 2 network options:
VPN connection 
'学認(GakuNin)'  (academic authentication federation) 

■Databases that have been expanding services for a limited time

JSTOR (VPN) …[Please click here]
・JSTOR Archive and Primary Source collection …available until June 30, 2023.
・Following 10 collections…all time available.
  ○Arts & Sciences I collection
  ○Arts & Sciences Ⅱ collection
  ○Arts & Sciences Ⅲ collection
  ○Arts & Sciences Ⅳ collection

  ○Arts & Sciences V collection
  ○Arts & Sciences Ⅶ collection

  ○Arts & Sciences X collection
  ○Business I collection
  ○Business Ⅱ collection
  ○Mathematics & Statistics collection

Maruzen eBook Library (VPN/GakuNin) …[Please click here]
 E-books. This database contains mainly Japanese texts. 
 From among 70,000 e-books, you can read each title for 5 minutes at one time until March 31, 2023.

※This database is available only in Japanese.
※Each title can be accessed by only one person at a time. 

Taylor & Francis eBooks (VPN)…[Please click here]
E-books. 120,000 books in various fields published by Routledge, CRC Press, Informa Law, etc.

You can read all titles until September 30, 2022.

※Licensed titles and open access titles can be downloaded as PDF format, but you cannot send or share PDF files. Please share by URL if necessary.

【Important Notice!】
The number of documents you can print/download is restricted by copyright.