Student Voices

Haein Park

Student Voices

Haein Park

Inha University, Korea






What kinds of classes are you taking?

Finance, accounting and bookkeeping all in Japanese. 

You have enough Japanese ability to study in Japanese?

I lived in Japan when I was young for three years, so I can speak some Japanese, and I can take some notes in Japanese, but I have to take some notes in my own language. 

Where are you living?

At the International Dormitory in Toyoda, it's a good place to meet people and make new friends. I have friends there who are Japanese, Korean, French, Vietnamese, Chinese, Taiwanese, and American. In the dorm I don't feel like I'm in Japan, I feel like I'm in the United Nations! My close friends are Koreans and Americans. We go to Meiji Jingu, Fujikyu, have dinners and parties. In my case, they teach me English and I teach them how to read in Japanese. 

Are you taking any courses in English?

No. If I were studying longer at Chuo, I would take English courses. It would be interesting to study in English with Japanese and other foreign students. 

What is your feeling about studying at Chuo University?

Chuo is a good place to study. There are many shops and pubs around my home university in Korea, but for studying, Chuo is better. Also, some foreign students say that their friends living in Tokyo speak a lot of their own language, but at Chuo, we have to speak more Japanese because there are not so many foreign students.

Any other suggestions or advice?

I want to work in finance. My Korean friends are thinking of going to graduate school. If I can afford to, I would like to go, too. I heard that Hitotsubashi Graduate School is good for finance and commerce, and if my English gets better, maybe I will go to UK or US.