Student Voices

Lina Johansson

Student Voices

Lina Johansson

Stockholm University, Sweden






How long have you been studying Japanese?

Three and a half years. My major is Japanese and I started studying in university. In 2009 I came to Japan for the first time for a three-month language program at Nihon University. After that I came back again on my own for one and a half months. Then last May I came to Chuo. I was supposed to come in April, but because of the earthquake I had to wait and see what would happen. I wasn't worried but everyone else was and they told me not to go. Now I'm a 4th year student at Stockholm University and when I go back I'll write my thesis and graduate.

Why did you choose Chuo?

It's in Tokyo and I have friends in Tokyo. I could choose from universities in Tohoku, or Kyoto, but Chuo seems closest to my Japanese friends!

Where do you live?

I live in my own apartment nearby. I love it, it's beautiful here, and I can ride my bike to Chuo. I like my own place. I've lived in the dorm before, and it didn't suite me. I need my privacy. For me, sharing a kitchen is no problem, but I like my own shower and bath.

What are you studying?

I'm studying all different stuff, Japanese literature and Japanese society. Last year I took four Japanese language classes and three this year, and some English courses, such as Japanese Literature and Prejudice and Discrimination.

What is your plan for the future?

I want to do something related to Japan. After I graduate from university in Sweden, maybe I will come back here and work. I want to be a translator or interpreter. I like writing, so I prefer to be a translator.

Do you have any advice for foreign students who want to study in Japan?

It's good to speak Japanese with Japanese people. It makes a difference when you communicate with Japanese in Japanese. I feel closer to them in Japanese rather than speaking in English. Also, daily life can be expensive, so you need money!