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Questions and Answers regarding the Faculty of Global Management

Differences between the Faculty of Global Management and other faculties

What are the differences between the Faculty of Global Management and other faculties (the Faculty of Economics and the Faculty of Commerce)?
Economics is cultivating abilities to analyze movements in entire the market from broad perspectives such as the world, nations and regions, and concurrently to learn the theory, history and policy. Business administration is to analyze and elucidate specific and practical problems related to corporate management, including management theory of human resources, goods and money.
Chuo University already has the Department of Business Administration at the Faculty of Commerce and the Department of International Economics at the Faculty of Economics, in which areas of study are interrelated. As a new faculty that utilizes traditions and achievements, the Faculty of Global Management aims and offers both Economics and Business Administration to cultivate global human resources equipped global communication skills who can lead global businesses.


How are classes conducted?
From the first year, the Faculty of Global Management offers classes taught in English not only for language classes but also mainly for required subjects. Students in the Faculty are to acquire solid language skills and basic expertise at an early stage to work on specialized courses. For language (English) classes, placement tests will be given at the time of admission to organize classes according to the level of the target subjects and aim to enhance learning effectiveness.

Short-term Study-abroad Program (required 1st-year program)

Does the tuition include expenses for the Short-term Study-abroad Program (required 1st-year program)?
No, it doesn’t. Separate expenses for studying abroad are necessary in the first year because the Short-term Study-abroad Program is required. Although adjustment expenses are approximately 500,000 yen, the cost may increase or decrease depending on the conditions of programs.
Where will be the destinations for the Short-term Study-abroad Program (required 1st-year program)?
Tentative destinations are North America, Asia and elsewhere at about 10 institutions that offer lectures in English.
How is the destination of the Short-term Study-abroad Program (required 1st-year program) for students determined?
Basically, students’ requests will be accepted; however if many requests concentrate on specific institutions, then students will be screened based on criteria such as English skills and/or grades.

Other ways for studying abroad

Is it possible to graduate in 4 years even if I go study abroad for a year other than the Short-term Study-abroad Program (required 1st-year program)?
Yes, you can. However, it is necessary to use the study-abroad programs offered by Chuo University (Exchange programs with partner institutions of Chuo University or Credit-bearing study abroad programs at institutions approved by Chuo University other than our partner universities). (Chuo University accredits the credits granted at institutions of study abroad programs by converting them into its own credits based on specific criteria. *Granted credits at institutions of study abroad programs are not always recognized as they are.)

Classwork support system

What kinds of support systems do you offer for classwork?
Instructors in charge of the “Introductory Seminar”, a required subject in the first year, will provide consultation for studies at the University and student life, just like class teachers did at high schools. In addition, office hours of each instructor will be arranged.

Acquirable Qualifications

Are there any acquirable qualifications?
There are no courses that are directly linked to the acquirable qualifications offered at the Faculty. However, it is strongly recommended that students acquire qualifications related to businesses and English based on the knowledge and skills gained through classes at the Faculty of Global Management.
Can we acquire teacher’s licenses?
Unfortunately, you cannot acquire teacher’s licenses (the first-class license for junior high schools and the first-class license for high schools) at the Faculty of Global Management.

Career courses after graduation

What kind of jobs can be taken after graduation?
It is assumed that workplaces in which global business leaders who possess an exceptional international sense, highly specialized skills and high language abilities can play active roles include global companies, as well as consulting firms, think tanks, public and international organizations, among others.


Where is the campus?
You will attend the Tama Campus. In addition to students in the Faculty of Global Management, students in five other faculties and graduate students majoring in humanities study at this campus.
How many applicants will you admit to the Faculty of Global Management?
We will admit 300 applicants.