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Tsuyoshi Kimura - Doctor (Business Administration)

To gain global management capabilities, a hands-on environment that allows exhaustive discussion in English among peers with diverse values is necessary.

Tsuyoshi Kimura / Doctor (Business Administration)

The environment surrounding business enterprises is changing dramatically. Globalization and new technologies will continue to drive irreversible changes in the environment. In these conditions, what is required is the ability to adapt to the environment, but this ability depends entirely on fundamental abilities. This holds true for both business enterprises and individual persons.

I have been working at the Asia-Pacific Office of General Motors and in other global working environments. The people who thrived at those places inevitably possessed outstanding expertise and flexibility supported by solid foundations. Fundamental abilities in business include communications skills (bargaining power) rooted in basic management knowledge, the facilitation capacity to build consensus among people with diverse values and problem-solving capacity (rationalist thinking).

I received training on collectively acquiring these abilities at a graduate school of business administration (MBA) in the United States and based on this experience I believe that a hands-on environment that allows exhaustive discussion in English among peers with diverse values is necessary in order to gain global management capabilities.

Boldly immersing ourselves in a challenging environment will lead to personal growth. Why not put yourself to the test by studying in an English-speaking environment in the Chuo University Faculty of Global Management?

Tsuyoshi Kimura

After graduating from National Defense Academy, acquired an MBA (International Management) at the Graduate School of Management, University of Dallas.

Worked at a number of global companies for over 20 years, including:

General Motors as Asia-Pacific - Business Development Manager; adidas Japan as Strategic Planning Group Manager.
After serving as Associate Manager, Office of Global Initiatives, University of Tsukuba; Visiting Professor at Chuo Business School, Chuo University; Professor at Rikkyo Graduate School of Business Administration, Rikkyo University, will take up the post of Associate Professor at Chuo University Faculty of Global Management in April 2019.
Executive Director, The International Academy of Strategic Management

Culture counts in global management as much as language

Takashi Sakikawa / PhD Business Administration

The past decades have witnessed the movement of people, money, goods, services, and information across borders. This phenomenon is defined as globalization. Business enterprises have built global supply chains over that period so that they could procure components and produce products globally. The Faculty of Global Management will educate students to work as global business persons (e.g., those who work for multinational enterprises), global business professions (e.g., international consultants or accountants), and global non-business professions (e.g., diplomats) after graduation. Students will learn theoretical and practical knowledge on economics and business management. They will also learn English while attending business management and economics classes as well as foreign language classes.

However, it should be noted that there is a myriad of failures in international business settings that can be attributed to a lack of knowledge about different cultures. For example, a Japanese business practice of “nomi-nication” (communication over drinks among business persons) is unlikely to be accepted in the U.S., a country that values life more than work. It is also unacceptable for Islamic countries where drinking alcohol is strictly forbidden. The understanding of different cultures is as essential to the studies of global management as the learning of foreign languages.

I am look forward to giving lectures on global management soon.

Takashi Sakikawa

1996 Received a PhD in Business Administration from Aoyama Gakuin University, Japan  
After teaching as an associate professor at the Graduate School for Management of Technology, Niigata University until October 2011, and as professor of the same graduate school since November 2011, will take up the post of Professor at Chuo University Faculty of Global Management in April 2019.

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