Faculty of Global Management
Faculty of Global Management

Be Ahead
of the World.

Be someone who makes a mark on the world.

Studying global management and its related subjects in Japan in your own native language gives you great advantages.
Japan has been very active in expanding its market in the world, achieving remarkable success in many areas of business, and perhaps the area that most interests you.
All the world may want to know the secret behind Japan’s success, as well as experiencing its unique culture, yet learning Japanese before starting a BA course probably sounds hard and time-consuming to most people.
That’s what makes this new faculty, GLOMAC so appealing.
As more than 70% of classes are conducted in English, you can fulfill all the credits for graduation just by enrolling in non-Japanese classes. All of the professors of our faculty are bilingual or even multilingual, so if you have any questions, either in or out of class, they will happily help you thrive on campus.
There’s no need to take on the extra hardship of learning the Japanese language.
Why not save time and achieve your academic goal in English at the Faculty of Global Management?

Our four-year course is designed to develop techniques that equip you with the flexible negotiating skills and smarts to understand and respect differences in business.
For example, understanding what Japanese people value in communication is worth learning.
Your experience studying in Japan enhances your ideas and lets you feel that the business world is not totally based on Westernized culture, but requires an Asian perspective as well.
For success in your global education, we proudly present

the Faculty of Global Management,
in April 2019.

Chuo University Faculty of Global Management Guide(PDF)中央大学_国際経営学部_入学案内中央大学_国際経営学部_入学案内

Overview of the Faculty of Global Management

Fast track to the global business arena: Learn business administration beyond language.

Fast track to the global business arena: Learn business administration beyond language.

Today as before, Chuo University places an emphasis on the key word practical study. Business administration is one discipline that truly applies practical studies to actual use, Chuo University was founded in 1885 and has been one of the leading private universities in Japan for more than 130 years.
We are proud of our consistent founding philosophy “Fostering the Ability to Apply Knowledge to Practice,” and believe that the Faculty of Global Management has been created as a crystallization of this idea.

The Faculty of Global Management provides ample opportunities to live and breathe international business while studying, through short-term study-abroad programs and internships in addition to classroom instruction. The Faculty of Global Management is founded upon the new idea of experiencing the significance of practical education at a global scale using English as the main language over a four-year period. We are sure that you will have many opportunities to hone your ability to apply your rich knowledge in the actual international business world.

  • Future to
    Aim for

    Future to Aim for
    Considering the management theory and strategies to usher in a new global society that embraces symbiosis and coexistence.
  • Skills to
    Achieve Goals

    Skills to Achieve Goals
    Consolidating the various elements of knowledge and values that permeate the international community, and channeling them into the key strength of next-generation business.
  • To Be the Next
    Global Leader

    To Be the Next Global Leader
    We expect that students who studied in our department will never hesitate to take the initiative in business.
    They must demonstrate their practical education in Japan and on the world stage, expanding their opportunities for achievement on the way to becoming new global leaders.

Features of Learning in the Faculty of Global Management

  • Features of Learning in the Faculty of Global Management
  • Features of Learning in the Faculty of Global Management
  • Features of Learning in the Faculty of Global Management
Only here will you gain the competence to thrive in the global business world.
What is so special about studying a specific field of business administration in Japan, in English?

Needless to say, global business takes place mainly in English.
Thus, it is no wonder that the latest research into business administration is performed in English. Everyone acknowledges that English is the key to opening the door to the international business world.
Studying Japanese business and related fields is valuable in your academic career, but if you are focused on learning the Japanese language, spending most of the time acquiring how to write the characters and read sentences, you will find time goes by very quickly. The time you have as a student is very limited.
As the Faculty of Global Management wants to give students practical experience in the global world, and study business administration with the feeling of actually being there. Learning specialized subjects in English is the simplest and fastest route to becoming a global human resource. That is why more than 70% of classes will be

Cultivating your confidence in English

There are several essential required subjects which form a solid foundation for your specialty. All lectures in these classes are in English, accompanied by tutorials that serve to support your study. If there are points in class you do not understand, or if there is more you wish to learn, instructors will be glad to hear your questions and requests in the tutorials. Students will also receive guidance so that they can write reports and participate in debates.

Students who are non-native English speakers belong to a class named “Academic English.” There are multiple levels of classes according to your English competency. If you are already a fluent English speaker who can comfortably study in this faculty, there are ways to waive your required credits for English language studies, allowing you to study Japanese or other foreign languages instead. In Academic English, we focus on reading professional papers to enrich your vocabulary in the field of management, as well as practice writing academic essays and reports.

Putting confidence in English to use

These courses hone high-level language skills that can be utilized when communicating, negotiating and consulting in business settings. Students can study Chinese as well as English.

Putting more specialized knowledge to use

It won’t be long after admission that thinking about business administration and expressing your own ideas in English will become second nature. The Faculty of Global Management offers a unique curriculum combining fundamental disciplines with a wide range of applied studies at the forefront of learning.
A team of passionate top-rated professors will guide your areas of academic interest into more detailed and specialized territory.

To deepen your specialized knowledge

A range of specialized educational courses which develop an understanding of the mechanisms behind the activities of companies and organizations in the global market will be established. They will enable you to acquire the deep expertise needed to demonstrate leadership.

When some countries or specific regions interest you

To gain the practical knowledge to perform on the international business stage, now is the time to start regional studies. We pursue thorough and in-depth research into the history, politics, economy, culture and consumer trends of each region.

Go and study overseas, and you will find Japan is a very small world

Some are attracted to other countries and may have already travelled overseas several times. Even these people will experience the joy and thrill of studying overseas as they immediately embark on a short-term study-abroad program after entering the faculty, and as they enter their second and third years, can gain a newfound perspective on Japan from the outside through overseas internships, company visits and field studies. Even those who could not distinctly envisage themselves working in an international setting will be able to discover the challenges they personally face through these experiences. The Faculty of Global Management offers you the opportunity for a “new awakening” in a global context. We also have programs for students who wish to explore Japanese culture and internships through domestic tours while learning the Japanese language.

Start by going beyond your limit

All first-year students take part in a 3-to-4-week short-term study program overseas where they experience lectures, discussions, company visits and other activities in English.
- Destinations: North America, Asia, etc.

Wake up to the size of the world

Many courses are also designed to build up experience and deepen cross-cultural understanding through overseas internships, field studies and other activities. From their second year, students will be independent learners, preparing to be skilled investigators while commencing research through seminars.

See the Table of CurriculumSee the Table of CurriculumSee the Table of Curriculum

Learning and Steps in the Faculty of Global Management

Through a four-year systematic curriculum in which you gain
specialized knowledge in business administration while acquiring
global communication skills, you will hone the qualities and practical
competencies of a businessperson or global business leader working at a global company.

Learning and Steps in the Faculty of Global Management