Interview with foreign students


Kraft Victoria Isabel

Second Grade
Department of Global Management
Faculty of Global Management

Why did you come to study in Japan?

I first came Japan to study Japanese. I wanted to study abroad and learn a foreign language, and Japan caught my eye. I had previously been to Japan on vacation and I had enjoyed my stay, so I decided to study Japanese for 1 year in Japan.


Why did you choose Chuo University?

After living here for some months, I became interested in studying at University and settling down, so I consulted with my teacher in my Japanese language school. I was particularly interested in the new program called Global Management at Chuo University and felt that it would be perfect for me. My teacher strongly recommended Chuo University, and so I decided to apply.

How did you prepare to take the entrance examination?

I spent some 2 months getting all the necessary documents for the application. I had to contact my high school for my diploma and grades be transcripted to English and signed. Because of the time difference and physical distance, it was quite time consuming.
I had planned to take the TOEFL, but because I was quite late with deciding to apply for university, there was only one date available before the deadline. I prepared for the test studying ~3 hours every day for two weeks. Because I was applying for the September enrollment, which is for international students, I didn't have to take any test except TOEFL. I was however uncertain of whether I would be accepted, so I applied for EJU, examination for Japanese university admission for international students. The results for EJU is in many cases a deal-breaker for international students hoping to enter university here in Japan, so I would study Japanese, Math and Social Studies for some ~12 hours every day for about 3 months. I also studied for the JLPT N1 because a high score makes you eligible for scholarships. Fortunately, I was accepted for the September enrollment.
Because I was particularly interested in the faculty of Global Management, I was prepared to go to great lengths to enter the Chuo University. Even if I would not have been accepted for the September enrollment, I was determined to study for the next opportunity the following year. Even though I was worried about possibly extending my stay at the Japanese Language School, I was willing to study in that environment to be able to enter my University of choice. My friends, classmates and teachers supported me and encouraged me, often helping me with any difficulties I had, and I was glad I asked for advice and grateful for all the help I received. My motivation pushed me to apply for University, and determination helped me through studies and times of uncertainty.
As long as I had that initial goal of entering Chuo University in the back of my mind, I was able to go through with the application and focus on my studies. I was prepared to fail the September enrollment, but I saw it as an opportunity to prepare for the exams the following year. Whenever I doubted myself and thought that I might go back to my home country Sweden, I felt that it would be wasted potential of what I was capable of. I had come this far, so I wanted to go even further. I believe that this determination was the key for me entering University. Finding the field of studies I wanted to pursue and setting that goal of being accepted into University, I was able to able to give it my all.

Please tell us your campus life in Chuo University

I was worried about entering University as a foreign student living by myself, but I was warmly welcomed and quickly found company. The university facilities are great, and I often study in the library or in the study rooms of the faculty building. I was worried about moving out by myself and finding an apartment, but the university helped me find a suitable apartment close to school. The process was simple and quick, and I am satisfied with the service they provided.

Please give a message
to applicants for Chuo University

I respect your pursuit of your goals. You've got this.

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